Caregiver Support Boulder

Are You Concerned About An Aging Loved One And Feeling Overwhelmed By Questions About Eldercare?

Are you worried about your aging parent or another close loved one? Are they becoming increasingly frail and showing signs that they may need more care, companionship or medical intervention? Perhaps they have suffered a serious health complication, such as a stroke, or have Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia that is worsening. Are you out-of-state, trying to manage a career and family, or fear that your parent is becoming too isolated or needs more care than you’re able to provide on your own? If you have siblings or a partner, have decisions about how to care for your parent caused disagreements or stress? Are you exhausted by trying to juggle too many things, fearful that you will make the wrong medical or care decisions, and wish that you had someone with experience, training and compassion to walk you through the care-giving process? I provide the most unique caregiver support Boulder has to offer.

Many Families Struggle With Finding And Implementing The Best Help For Older Family Members

Figuring out the best ways to care for our older family members or friends can be a confusing, exhausting and stressful experience. Providing care for our elders is something that we may think about, but don’t necessarily plan for. And then suddenly, a health complication occurs and our parents need more care. It’s common to worry about medical decisions, finances, living situations and if our parents are getting enough companionship. It’s also common to have no idea where to start. You may be wishing you had more information and support so you could stop second-guessing your every decision.

I Provide Care, Advice, Guidance And Support For The Whole Family

I see myself as your ally. As a professional specializing in elder care and as a daughter who cared for and lost both of her parents, I can empathize with how confusing, stressful and even scary it can be to make the right decisions. Figuring out how to best care for a special older person in your life – someone who may have once cared for you – can feel overwhelming. But, you don’t have to make these important decisions or go through this challenging life cycle alone. I can help.

I have been working with the aging population in Boulder County since 1987 and have deep roots within the local eldercare community. I can help connect you with local resources, including care-giving facilities and their key personnel. I can provide ongoing assessments of your older person’s needs and help facilitate communication between you, your frail elder, other family members and healthcare providers. If there are tough decisions to be made concerning care options or medical procedures, I can mediate and help ease the communication within your family. I have personal experience making these kinds of challenging decisions and have coached many families as they’ve made their own. I can help connect you with professionals in the community who handle estate planning, financial accounting and taxes, insurance issues and homecare. I can also serve as a liaison in the death and dying process to your pastor, congregation and hospice, if needed.

I believe in inclusive and holistic care. While I can help you with questions, such as how to handle your elder’s intimate personal care needs and give referrals for the best residential care facilities, I can also serve as a thoughtful and compassionate source of support. As a therapist, I can help alleviate worries and offer strategies, tools and skills that can help everyone in your family feel, function and connect better.

I love working with families, and I particularly enjoy spending time with elders. I appreciate their slower pace, delightful stories and the wisdom and practicality they bring to conversations. As people age, it’s important that they have regular and enjoyable contact with others. Companionship truly can improve quality of life, and a lot of the work I do involves providing aging people with friendship and social interaction. As a woman of middle age myself, I relate well to older people and know how to communicate with people experiencing dementia. Clients continually comment on my natural intuition and ability to understand the needs of their aging parent.

Although you may be confused, stressed and overwhelmed with making decisions now, with my help and support, you can make choices that you can feel good about. I truly understand, from both professional and personal experience, what you are going through. I also know that there are solutions. I can provide you with stress relief as we find options to your specific challenges and create the optimal care experience for your aging parent, as well as for you and your whole family.

But, you still may have questions or concerns…

I think that my family could really benefit from extra support, but I’m concerned about costs.

This is your family’s life and wellbeing. The level and quality of support that you get (or don’t get) will not only affect your aging parent, but it will also impact you and the rest of your family. I can help alleviate stress, provide one-on-one care, connect you with the most appropriate professional resources and help create connections between you and your family as you make important decisions.

As a trained therapist and clinical care provider, I offer a lot of value for the cost. Because I work directly in homes and not in an office, I am much less expensive than big companies and am able to offer more personal and specialized care.

I invite you to call me to discuss your cost concerns and specific needs. Because I believe that everyone is entitled to quality care, I work on a sliding scale in certain situations.

How will I know when my parent really needs extra support?

I encourage you to be both preventive and proactive. If you have nagging concerns about the mental, emotional or physical health of an aging family member or friend, I can provide an assessment. Meeting your loved one and seeing his or her home can be so telling when you know what to look for. I can offer expert advice and support if and when changes in a living or care situation are needed.

I’d like to take care of my parent on my own. How much outside support do I really need?

I think it’s wonderful that you have the time and desire to care for your aging parent. It’s important to note, however, that providing ongoing care for an aging person can come with challenges that you may or may not be aware of. If you’re considering making this significant decision, I encourage you to reach out for support and information. I’d welcome the opportunity to meet you and your loved one, answer your questions, and connect you with helpful, local resources. It may be a one time meeting or you may decide that you need more ongoing support as your loved one continues to age or your situation changes.

I invite you to call me at 720-217-9614 to discuss your specific situation, needs and concerns.