Consultation for Family Members

There is often a need for expert advice when it comes to navigating the terrain of systems of support for elders.  Whether it’s finding and evaluating local medical options, places to live, support at home … or just brainstorming our way through change, I enjoy walking through these questions with families and seniors.

I pull from years of work in psychology and therapy as well as emergency work, and I find that all of that is applicable in my work.

From 1995-2007, I owned and operated a wonderful assisted living home. From 2007 until present times, I have been in private practice in the Boulder/Denver area as an eldercare professional and continue to find this work with older people and their families engaging and rewarding.

In order to maintain a COVID social distancing practice where we protect each other, I am reachable by phone, FaceTime, Zoom and, when the  weather permits, meeting outside, while abiding by CDC protocols.

My consultation services for family members include:

  • Guiding families whose elders may need to relocate into a long term care facility and/or senior community. I team with families to find the appropriate place and navigate the transition process.
  • Assisting families who are looking for in-home care such as independent caregivers or home care agencies for their elders.
  • Helping with medical care management via tele-health, tracking medications, advocating for elders, being the liaison with doctors, maintaining records, and, after the quarantine, accompanying elders to medical appointments.
  • Consulting with spousal caregivers.
  • Providing families and colleagues information about the most suitable local resources.
  • Writing assessments which include: a client’s medical history, personal history and outline of treatment plan.
  • Discussing spiritual needs and options, such as local churches, synagogues and meditation centers.
  • Offering meditation instruction, also known as daily quiet time for peaceful contemplation.
  • Consulting with new care managers who need supervision and guidance.

Adjusting to our new normal during the COVID pandemic is often stressful and we may feel this stress mentally and physically. Going it alone can sometimes add to the stress. But, having a partner can alleviate stress and reduce the possibility of unnecessary adverse complications. I’ve found that consultations via phone and/or online video are effective means of communicating and processing the challenges of caring for our seniors during this pandemic.

I can be reached at 720-217-9614 and