Initial Consultation

Initially, it’s a good idea to talk about the situation you are seeking help with, over the phone. There is no charge for a 20-minute conversation. If we decide to continue with more detail and to meet in person, there will be an hourly charge for a more in depth exploration and collaboration.

If you would like to set up an initial meeting, please do call.

I provide the following services:

Support offered to older people and their families:

  •  Assistance with daily activities
  • Medical care management and advocacy
  • Caregiver support
1. Assistance with daily activities

With each of the following activities, the goal is to do them with the client in a way that encourages him or her to stay engaged and cognitively stimulated in a meaningful way.

  • Menu planning, meal preparation, cleanup and shopping
  • House keeping
  • Physical activities
  • Social outings
  • Guidance with living wills and advance directives
2. Medical care management and advocacy
  • Transporting clients to doctor’s appointments and helping them understand and process medical information
  • Tracking medications
  • Coordinating care between various doctors
  • Assisting the follow-through with treatment
  • Medical and medication record keeping
3. Caregiver support

A caregiver in this context is anyone who is offering unpaid support to an elder. Caregivers being, usually, the family and friends of an elder who have not received specific professional training in the area of eldercare. Unfortunately, caregivers are sometimes insufficiently recognized and rewarded for the time and effort they contribute and they may have full time jobs and children.

The services I offer to caregivers include:

  • Helping families find local resources, which may include residence options (Ellen has experience with many of the facilities and resources in Boulder County and surrounding area and their key personnel.)
  • Providing caregivers with consistent assessment of the older person’s needs
  • Mediating and facilitating communication between family members and the parties offering assistance to the elder
  • Facilitating relationships that are supportive and collaborative between the older person, the caregiver, his or her family and the health care providers
  • Coaching with difficult decisions and follow-through
  • Brokering services such as estate planning, financial accounting/taxes, insurance, home care
  • Serving as a liaison in the death and dying process to pastor, congregation and hospice
  • Spousal caregiver support group
  • Ongoing onsultations by phone