Finding Relief and Saving Money with a Geriatric Care Manager

This article was originally published in the August 2017 issue of the 50+ Marketplace News (Boulder Edition).

While the term “geriatric” may no longer be as popular as “elder” or “senior,” Geriatric Care Managers belong to a very established, nationally certified profession. So, what is a Geriatric Care Manager? Here are some of the skills a GCM will bring into their work with you:


  • Develops kind, trustworthy relationship with client.
  • Matches client with local services such as in-home care, skilled companionship, financial and legal experts and hospice.
  • Meets client where they are rather than having client travel to GCM’s office.
  • Saves families money by avoiding having to leave work and income to help parents, while GCM tackles the tasks at hand. The GCM becomes a sounding board for decision making, and provides stress relief.
  • Develops a friendly working relationship with client’s doctors, and maintains detailed reports, thorough organization, and support that extends to both the client and the family.
  • Accompanies client throughout medical processes, makes regular home visits, plans enjoyable outings, coordinates client’s schedule and personal network, and more.


Why it’s important to find a certified GCM:  

  • Certification process is rigorous and provides proof of adequate skill; candidates for certification are required to have advanced degree in health related field.
  • Certified GCMs are are members of a large national network, so it is possible to locate their services out of state.



  • Most certified GCMs are paid privately, charging between $60 – $250/hour.